"I'm running for District 5 Supervisor to give the residents here the representation they need and deserve. Some of the other districts have awesome projects happening and we should all be glad. Now let's pay attention to San Tan Valley, AJ and Gold Canyon!"


San Tan Matters! There's a lot of neglect taking place within the area with the last few supervisors that oversaw this district.
Gold Canyon also has been facing a lot of this same neglect due to the area's transportation issues and an influx of even more residents.

Will never place the needs of special interest groups before the needs of the citizens.

Strong proponent of 2nd Amendment; Jeff is the long term owner of AJI Sporting Goods and spokesman for the firearm industry.

Jeff is one of the only elected that is accessible


anytime by a dedicated phone to the constituents.

Has never voted to increase taxes, and will


continue to vote down tax increases for the


continued prosperity of Pinal County District 5.

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